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Lists movies by Action genre - page 3

Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB: 7.1
Barry Shear, Frank Adu, Frank Arno, Joseph Attles, Paul Benjamin
Two New York City cops go after amateur crooks who are trying to rip off the Mafia and start a gang war.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB: 6.5
Ivan Reitman, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis
The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of spectral activity allows the staff of Ghostbusters to revive the business.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB: 3.6
Nick Lyon, Linda Hamilton, Trevor Donovan, John Savage, Mya
After Air Force One goes down during a storm over the Bermuda Triangle, the United States Navy is dispatched to find the escape pod holding the President. A giant monster beneath the ocean awakens and attacks the fleet.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Thriller
IMDB: 5.5
Peter Engert, Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, William Baldwin, Andre Royo
Searching for a happy ending to a tale of unimaginable disaster and horror, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar in rural Texas. The United States has ...
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Adventure, War
1h 43min
IMDB: 6.1
Stuart Beattie, Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lincoln Lewis, Deniz Akdeniz
When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Drama, War
IMDB: 7.4
Robert Wise, Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden, Brad Dexter
A U.S. sub commander, obsessed with sinking a certain Japanese ship, butts heads with his first officer and crew.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB: 2.9
Mark L. Lester, Brian Krause, Anne McDaniels, Steven Helmkamp, Candice Nunes
A small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from the planet's distant past when deep sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil.
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Sci-Fi, Drama
IMDB: 4.9
Ronald Neame, Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Brian Keith
After a collision with a comet, a nearly 8km wide piece of the asteroid "Orpheus" is heading toward Earth. If it hits, it will cause an incredible catastrophe which will probably extinguish...
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB: 5.8
Craig R. Baxley, Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen, William Forsythe, Arabella Holzbog
Joe Huff is a tough, go-it-alone cop with a flair for infiltrating dangerous biker gangs. The FBI blackmail Joe into an undercover operation to convict some extremely violent bikers, who ...
Updated: 2 years ago

Action, Thriller, Sport
1h 37min
Mark DiSalle, David Worth, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan, Michel Qissi
Kurt Sloane must learn the ancient kick boxing art of Muay Thai in order to avenge his brother.
Updated: 2 years ago